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2022.04.22, entry 1

New Single - Entertainment Aboard

Hey again! Just put out a new single from my latest full-length album, Make Waves. I'm doing this so I can release some new orphaned tracks and also keep MW in people's mind, and also hype up the eventual remix album that is slated for a summer release. You can listen to it on my Bandcamp page. It includes the album version of the track and an extended reprise version, along with two thematically related tracks. Enjoy & thanks for all the support.
Catalog page has been updated accordingly.

2022.04.01, entry 2

Catalog update

2022.04.01, entry 1

New EP

Good morning internet. Feeling a mellow contentedness. Just put out a new EP on the new label SEE YOU NEXT GAME! being run an managed by my good friend ChaosBarista.
it's called <!-- Q1'22 biTjamZ --> under a new alias of mine, coldblox. The catalog page will be updated soon.
Just listened to the new Duster album, Together. Really enjoyed it, glad to see they're still around.

2022.03.20, entry 1

Updating my site

Working on touching up my site again. I swear, I'm never satisfied with it, hahahaha. Here's a new track I made the other week. Didn't really feel like putting it out because when I finished it I realized it was too similar to another track of mine, called Waves. It has the same tempo and ocean waves. But I don't really mind, it's more the emotional connection I have to my music that matters to me. So here you go.