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(Featured) Albums/EPs:
dedicated to the countless hours spent on my nintendo 3ds system as a kid and all the fun memories i made along the way. take flight, it's time to move on, but never forget:

the dream must go on
Caught in a dream, someone from the past embraces you with unconditional love. They take you away, beyond reality. You feel free with them, but let's stay for a bit longer.
through the mind of a silent city.
The rain slamming against your window. Cloudy. The city lights up your dark apartment. A crime. A car that never came back. Did you just witness a murder? You can't say anything. You don't want to bother anyone. It's a silent city where no one ever speaks.
All Over the Place
Exploring the depths of the internet's endless source of data and information. Stay on track, it's easy to get lost all over the maze that is the Information Super Highway.
better days
A bunch of beats made when I felt oddly melancholic and nostalgic over things that I won't really get back, or stuff that I have had to leave behind. I have definitely seen better days.
Late Nights
Late Nights is the dream of a drive down the empty main highway with one arm around your lover, and the other on the steering wheel, speeding down it until sunrise comes. Let's meet again tonight.
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