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updating my color scheme and aesthetic, let's see if it sticks


It's my birthday today!! such a weird feeling


feelin super lazy today zzz


I'm making a pit stop for my alien internauts :)


I'm done updating the page buttons and linking them together! It should make browsing easier! Have a good time on my site,
it's open 24/7!!


Finally getting some stuff done! Gonna continue tomorrow! Love you all :)


just updating random stuff, making sure it looks and functions well B)


been working on some music recently, I know I use this excuse a lot but it's true, I make a lot of weird music.
I will try to get back to my website more often, promise!


the immense feeling of guilt for not updating my site in a while is creeping up on me
literally listening to WinAmp rn lol


sometimes life is like gravel in your sandal
you just have to take a break and shake it out


Haven't updated my site in a while, gotten lazy since I've been playing video games but mostly making music, working on a lot of other stuff at the moment


currently editing this from my smartphone! didn't think that was possible. It is WAY more harder than just writing on my computer. It is also way more tedious. Just wanted to try this out!


it is cold and wintery outside.


oof I woke up at like 3 pm today oooof


~why would anyone ever include links in marquee text~

seriously, that's the worst idea ever, but that's exactly what makes it so ridiculously hilarious.


I was looking through the Activity Log on my New N3DS (data transferred from my old, aqua blue 3DS from 2011) and I'm remembering the good old days. I started playing on June 21st, 2011. That's a long time ago... at least to me. Both systems have a lot of sentimental value to me.


I think I might need to update these buttons: and because right now I just feel like they're a bit too bland and boring?? might get working on it tomorrow


working on my site lol


"Lo-fi is best-fi" -ChillBitz 2k18


Just fixed the scroll box glitch! So happy.


Trying to fix the scrollbar on the left of the homepage but it isn't working, gonna have to continue tomorrow

Hello internet, I am back from my journey to the Faroe Islands! I had a lot of fun there, I played music, took photos, and met a lot of new people! Anyway, I'm glad to be back now!


Been in a dreampunk mood all day...


OK, I am now home again. I'm going to the Faroe islands on the 14th (I'm gonna miss valentine's day :'() but it's no big deal because I have no S/O or anything. Gonna keep working on my site! In the mean time, check out my music if you haven't already!


So, it's February. Have a few things to do this month. I'm going to a camp this weekend, and then I'm gonna travel to the Faroe Islands. I'm releasing my EP this weekend! Stay tuned!


Just woke up, ate some breakfast, and now I'm back on my daily routine of going online, tweaking my site, listening to music... not much going on.


So, January is almost over. I'm going to the Faroe Islands next week, so I might not be able to update my site. But just remember that I love you all, thanks for checking my site and all...!


"I don't need drugs when I have life, it's trippy as it is" -ChillBitz 2018


Got a lot of stuff done today. I'm going to sign off for tonight though. Goodnight, Internet!


Gonna start working on my played games page. There I'll list my favorite games, which games I've played, games that I'm playing currently, and maybe some of my experiences with said games.


It is 02:43 in the morning as I write this. Been working on my site all day, tweaking and editing stuff. Christmas was a month ago! That's crazy. Where did the time go... Anyway, that means I've been working on my site for 25 days now, since I started back on January 1st. I've come a long way. What, that's like, almost 4 weeks now, right? Wow. Time sure passes quickly when you have fun. Guess I'll log offline now before I screw over my sleep schedule more than I already have. Goodnight, internet!